The Kamili Yoga® Academy

A Teaching Community for Black Yogis to Learn Kamili Yoga® and Pan-African Ways of Wholistic Being

About the Academy

The Kamili Yoga® Academy is exclusively for Black yogis to learn Kamili Yoga® and transform their lives and the lives of others through Pan-African yogic knowledge and wellness. This is a teaching platform that emphasizes personal growth and community healing through interactive instruction, ongoing education, and collective care. The Kamili Yoga® Academy is a sacred safe(r) space that specializes in exploring yogic enlightenment through the lens of African knowledge and Black well-being. 

All conscious and open-minded Black Africans of the Motherland and the diaspora of any religious faith, spiritual path, cultural background, ethnic group, education level, body type, sexual orientation, and gender identity are welcome!


The Kamili Yoga® Academy is for the conscious Black yogi who . . . 
  1. Wants to learn and practice Yoga through a decolonized Pan-African lens
  2. Feels drawn to explore the cultural roots of their African ancestry and identity
  3. Strives to live a principled life in relationship with Self, with others, and with Spirit
  4. Believes in the cultural significance and wholistic healing power of rituals
  5. Dedicated to the daily, diligent, and diverse pursuit of Black education and wisdom
  6. Takes the personal and professional initiative to further their knowledge by prioritizing time for study
  7. Is an enthusiastic, interactive student who values conversation and connection
  8. Honors their commitment to collective care and support by attending community offerings when able
  9. Is inclusive and caring toward all bodies types, faith paths, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultural heritages, and other intersectional identities
  10. Feels led by Spirit, ancestors, and guides that the Kamili Yoga® Academy is meant for them!

If ALL of these describe you, then read on to learn more!

What is Kamili Yoga®?

Kamili Yoga® is a modern Africentric system for Black wholistic wellness. From the African Swahili word for “complete” and the Indian Sanskrit word for “union,” Kamili Yoga® teaches Black practitioners to seek and center inner enlightenment through the lens of their African ancestry. It is a contemporary system rooted in the exploration of traditional Pan-African yogic knowledge and concepts, from the African ancestral practices of the Motherland to the customs of Black descendants all around the world.

Developed by Eternity Philops, Kamili Yoga® is born of a Spirit-led calling to create more African-centered options for Black yogis. This system addresses the need for more culturally diverse Yoga systems, more Yoga systems that de-center Whiteness, and more Yoga systems that celebrate the beautiful depths of Black and African being.


Founder & Lead Teacher

Eternity Philops (they/Mx.) is a bodaciously Black and unapologetically queer conscious being who educates and serves Black, POC, and Queer/Trans populations in soulful liberation through Yoga wellness. The owner of Soul Liberation Wellness based in Charlotte, NC, USA, Eternity has taught hundreds of students through community classes, university courses, private sessions, and retreats with passionate dedication.


Bachelor’s of Arts, Psychology & Sociology
Graduate Certificate, Women & Gender Studies
Cornell Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate
Certified Life Coach
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher
Certified Yoga for 12-Step Recovery Leader
NC-Trained Peer Support Specialist


The Core Tenets of Kamili Yoga®

Kamili Yoga®, like all true systems of Yoga, is about creating union. Specifically, we work toward union with Self through personal principles, union with others through social principles, and union with Spirit through spiritual principles. These sets of principles are collectively called KANUNI KAMILI, a Kiswahili translation for "complete principles." They make up the first tenet of Kamili Yoga®.

The soulful mindfulness practice of Kamili Yoga® is IBADA KAMILI, which is Kiswahili for “the complete ritual.” The second tenet of Kamili Yoga®, this ritual is a structured meditative practice of five components that brings us into deeper connection with Spirit, ancestors, and our own inner divinity. Another translation is “perfect worship,” which speaks to the essence of this ritual practice.

The third tenet of Kamili Yoga® is ELIMU KAMILImeaning “complete education.” This tenet is about researching rich and diverse Pan-African cultures, both indigenous and post-colonial. Part of the historical struggle of the African continent and diaspora is having our traditions destroyed by colonizers and by slaveholders. In present day we must prioritize re-learning lost knowledge, and reclaim our personal and collective power through the intentional study of our Black legacies and African heritages.

Kamili Yoga®
Teacher Certifications

Yoga is a practice of liberation and empowerment with the potential to transform not just individuals, but entire communities. Kamili Yoga® was created to become a global practice that benefits Black African communities around the world. By studying Kamili Yoga®, a system of enlightenment centered in Pan-African cultures and traditions, Black yogis can tap into this soulful energy and harness it to make positive changes in their lives, both personally and professionally.  

Rather than working in mainstream spaces like studios and gyms, Certified Kamili Yoga® Teachers meet people where they are, in the heart of their own communities. This looks like holding classes in recreation and cultural centers; teaching to congregations in churches, temples, and mosques; guiding groups in public parks and even in libraries. Any place where our people gather to be in community is where Kamili Yoga® can be taught!

With three different certification levels to achieve, wholistic multi-dimensional growth and expansion is the crux of all Kamili Yoga® teacher training courses. Each level is designed for students to practice and train at a comfortable, manageable pace that allows for the materials and content to become a part of a daily yogic lifestyle. 

Certification Levels

Beginning the journey to become a Certified Kamili Yoga® Teacher is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is a soulful commitment of body, heart, mind, and spirit. Certification means dedication to community service and lifelong learning, and requires a significant investment of time, energy, labor, and most importantly, growth. 

*    *    *

Certification I: System Educator
$599.00 USD

Prerequisite: Minimum 30 days of active membership

This introductory course builds a solid foundation that prepares teachers to educate the audiences they serve on the tenets, principles, and components of the Kamili Yoga® system. Upon completion of the certification course, Kamili Yoga® System Educators will be able to conduct informative teachings for both groups and 1:1. This certification level is ideal for professionals like mental health experts, school teachers and counselors, social workers, life coaches, clergy, and spiritual directors.

*    *    *

Certification II: Ritual Leader
$599.00 USD

Prerequisite: Minimum 6 months teaching as a Kamili Yoga® System Educator

Along with educating others on the tenets, principles, and components of the yoga system, certified Kamili Yoga® Ritual Leaders have the honor and responsibility of formally guiding Ibada Kamili, the complete ritual. This takes Kamili Yoga® instruction to a deeper level. Because motion is a key component of ritual practice, teachers training for Kamili Yoga® Ritual Leader certification must have expertise in also teaching a physical movement modality.

*    *    *

Certification III: Teacher Trainer
Coming 2025-2026

Prerequisite: Minimum 24 months active teaching as a Kamili Yoga® Ritual Leader

Kamili Yoga® Teacher Trainers are the highest level of Kamili Yoga® certification. They are leaders who have displayed a continued commitment to teaching Kamili Yoga® to their communities. Kamili Yoga® Teacher Trainers are an important part of ensuring the system is a recognized wellness practice for Black Africans for generations to come. These devotees have the honor and responsibility of training future Kamili Yoga® system educators and ritual leaders.

*    *    *

For all certifications, teachers must be active members in the Kamili Yoga® Academy to maintain their certification and teaching ability. This is to stay updated on system changes and expansions, as well as to stay in community with other Kamili Yoga® teachers.

Academy Membership

Monthly Dues
$59.00 USD
  • Kamili Yoga® Courses to learn the full system and how to make it a part of your everyday yogic lifestyle.
  • Study Hall with weekly prompts and posts for Pan-African studies, wellness practices, and engagement with fellow Kamili Yoga® students.
  • Teachers Lounge space for students and teachers to connect, commune, and collaborate with each other in supportive ways to foster friendships.
  • Interactive Zoom Meetups for lectures on system principles, collective ritual practice, and Pan-African education studies. Recorded replays provided.
  • 24/7 Study Hall Zoom Room to coordinate one-time study sessions, Q&As, and co-working sessions in fellowship with other students and teachers.
  • Africana Reading Rooms providing articles and PDFs about global Black news, wholistic healthy living, Pan-African research, and more.
  • Diaspora Video Library dedicated to worldwide Black knowledge and African history, with material added regularly for an ever-growing collection of lessons.
  • Discount Pricing on 1:1 Zoom sessions with Eternity for peer support space, yoga wellness education, and liberation life coaching.
  • No Sponsored Ads, Spam, or Scams to interrupt your learning experience by trying to sell you stuff, clogging your inbox, or sending unsolicited texts.
  • Free Android and iOS apps to stay connected to content through easy and convenient mobile access.

Student Testimonials

"Since becoming a part of the Kamili Yoga Collective, I'm learning the differences more and more every time we meet. So far, nothing but positive & enlightening experiences. Much different from what I've experienced being in other 'mainstream' yoga classes."

- Linda P.B., South Carolina, USA

"Through the Kamili Yoga Collective, I have been able to dive deeper into my own yoga and movement practice, while also learning more about Pan-African history and principles. In a time of chaos throughout the world, the Kamili Yoga Collective has provided me with community, and a continued sense of grounded."

- Naadiya H., Maryland, USA

"I am so fortunate to be a part of the Kamili Yoga Collective. I have grown so much and it has helped me with my self awareness."

- Edna L., New York, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I'm new to Yoga. Can I join?
    Yes! This is a space for Black yogis of all experience levels, which includes even NO experience. As a community centered around Yoga wellness education, this is the perfect place to begin your Yoga journey!

  2. Are the teacher training certifications registered with Yoga Alliance?
    The Kamili Yoga® teaching programs do not follow the status quo of mainstream studios and cookie-cutter YTT programs. They are academic-style curriculums that require students to do deep therapeutic inner work in preparation for community leadership in Black communal spaces like cultural centers, churches, and even in homes. Serving in these areas does not require an RYT status, therefore Kamili Yoga® certifications are not associated with Yoga Alliance or any other teacher registry.

  3. Can I join the Kamili Yoga® Academy if I am not Black?
    No. Non-Black yogis and allies who wish to learn the Kamili Yoga® system are encouraged to subscribe to the Kamili Yoga® video app by clicking HERE.

  4. Why not? Isn't that racist?
    It is not racist to have Black-centered spaces; it is racism that makes Black-centered spaces necessary.

    The Kamili Yoga® Academy is a safe(r) space that exclusively serves those of Black identity and of Pan-African cultural communities. It is a space to honor the specific experiences that Black people around the world have in societies riddled with anti-Blackness and oppressive systems of institutionalized racism. It is a space for both learning AND healing, and that healing would be undermined by the presence of non-Black folks.

    If you are offended by this being a Black-centered healing space, you are encouraged to investigate the true source of that angst and work on putting that energy toward creating a world where spaces such as these are no longer necessary.

  5. I have other questions. Can I contact you?
    Yes. Send additional questions via email by clicking HERE!

  6. I'm ready to join! How do I sign up?
    Awesome! Below are the membership options to get started. If your preferred membership option is not listed, it may be closed at this time.

    It will be an honor to guide you!